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Wildlife portrait photographer from the UK. My web site: sharp photography
February 2024's issue of A Sharp Eye on wildlife photography is on Australia.
The first five editions of my free magazine offer photography tips and promote Wikipedia & Commons.
The Read online links take you to a flipbook.

You can access downloadable pdf versions by visiting the A Sharp Eye on wildlife photography page Please feel free to use any of the wildlife photos that I have uploaded on Wikimedia Commons, most of which are used in Wikipedia articles, with attribution Charles J Sharp. Please remember that images uploaded before 2020 may not have been processed with the latest software. I can quickly re-process them for you.
Here are my own favourites, my Commons Featured pictures (496 from 62 countries), Quality images and Valued images
I have galleries of Birds of the Western Palearctic, Butterflies of the Western Palearctic and Dragonflies of the Western Palearctic on Commons.

The animals were not photographed in zoos, safari parks, rescue centres, butterfly houses, in captivity or in a studio.
Many of the images are geocoded with very precise geocodes (six decimal places). Please do not take account of more than three decimal places.


Galleries of my featured pictures
mammals; birds; insects and spiders; reptiles and frogs

mammals       birds       insects and spiders       reptiles and frogs

These featured pictures were taken in 50 countries:

Future FP nominations


Anyone is welcome to nominate these images

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May 2020: Gallery of images from new magazine - A Sharp Eye on wildlife photography

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August 2019: Interview for Tree of Life July 1-31 (Editor spotlight: Photographing the tree of life)

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December 2017 Interview for The Signpost, 18 December 2017

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